Get Customized Prosthetics That Are Right For You

We offer you the latest in prosthetic technology and treatment with a wide range of prosthetics available for your every need. We strive to fulfill our patients’ requirements with our vast experience and state-of-the-art facilities. Our prosthetics range from customized devices to sport limbs and bionic prosthetics. Our goal is to ensure that you regain full functionality of your limb to your utmost satisfaction.

We offer treatment and prosthetic devices for every kind of injury and ailment there is. Have a look at some of the facilities we provide below.

Prosthetics for Upper Limbs

  • Prosthetics for fingers or partial hands
  • Prosthetics for robust usage
  • Prosthetics for High impact ATV/Snowmobiling
  • Prosthetics for cosmetic restoration of the limb
  • Prosthetics specifically for recreational activities like biking and fishing.
  • Myoelectric prosthetics
  • Multi-articulating hands such as the iLimb or BeBionic hand
  • Prosthetics that are powered by your body itself

Prosthetics for Lower Limbs

  • Prosthetics for running and swimming
  • Prosthetics for partial feet
  • Dynamic energy return feet
  • Microprocessor controlled knees
  • Prosthetics for High impact ATV/Snowmobiling
  • Prosthetics for cosmetically restoring your limb
  • Vacuum assisted suspension

Prosthetics for Limb Loss

  • Prosthetics for full or partial loss of feet
  • Prosthetics for Syme’s/ankle disconnection
  • Prosthetics for trans-tibial (below knee) and trans-femoral (above knee) injuries
  • Prosthetics for knee disconnection
  • Prosthetic treatment for his disconnection
  • Prosthetic for Hemi-pelvectomy (pelvic amputation)
  • Prosthetics for full or partial loss of hands
  • Prosthetic treatment for wrist disconnection
  • Prosthetics for trans-radial (below elbow) and trans-humeral (above elbow) injuries
  • Prosthetics for elbow disconnection
  • Prosthetics for shoulder disconnection
  • Prosthetics for forequarter amputation

Learn about the entire process:

First Consultation Meeting:

dsc_0808The first meeting would serve as an introduction to our employees and our process. You can take your time interviewing clinicians and choose one whom you trust, feel at ease with and one from a clinic conveniently located near your home.

Adjusting to prosthetics because of limb injuries or elective removal can be a strenuous task and many concerns and queries may arise. You can share any questions or apprehensions you may have about prosthetic treatment with our experienced employees. Our consulting sessions help you find out all of the details about your future treatment options and how you will adjust to your prosthetic support.

Prepare for your Treatment with a Complete Evaluation:

Your treatment will start with a full assessment of your medical history, your current condition, and range of motion, balance, muscle strength and your ability to walk. We will also be doing a full examination of your background and daily routine to learn how your prosthetic can best serve in making your life easier.

Designing Your Prosthetic:

ironman-prostheses-1024The next step is to design a prosthetic that suits your requirements perfectly and is a comfortable fit onto your body. To achieve this we take measurements of the limb that requires a prosthetic, and take an impression to make a precise model of your body part, around which we will build your prosthetic. Among the methods of casting your body part, we offer scotch casting, geltrate, silicone and the commonly used plaster bandage or, if you prefer, we can simply use a series of detailed measurements to cast your limb.

The degree of the loss of your limb is irrelevant as there are many approaches and factors to consider in designing your prosthetic. Our goal is to achieve maximum level of comfort and high form of functionality through your prosthetic. We will make adjustments to your cast to ensure that the prosthetic fits you properly and does not cause any discomfort.

Equipping You with Your Prosthetic:

After the prosthetic has been made to your specifications we will schedule in a session for a fitting. We will be using a diagnostic socket for connecting the prosthetic to your limb. The socket gives an inside view on the condition of your limb and helps in making adjustments to the prosthetic as needed.

If you have faced upper body limb loss then our focus will be primarily on the fit and functionality of the prosthetic. If your limb loss is from the lower region then our focus will be primarily on the fit of the socket and the alignment of the prosthetic with your body part to ensure you can function with ease.

Adjustments With Your Prosthetic:

Your body takes time getting used to a new prosthetic and our goal is to ensure your safety and comfort. We have a trial period that might last from a few weeks to a few months during which we help your body adjust to the prosthetic and provide any necessary modifications needed to ensure that the prosthetic performs optimally.

Giving Your Prosthetic The Final Touch:

The final finishing of your prosthetic provides you with a variety of options of how you would like your prosthetic to appear; whether you would like for it to appear natural, or give an artistic and contemporary look or give it a unique touch of your own, we will facilitate you with the design of your choice.

Follow Up Appointments:

test_results9Over time, you may need adjustments to your prosthetic for which we will schedule follow up appointments for you. If you face any change in your ability to function or experience any discomfort with your prosthetic or even simply want to discuss any concerns, please Contact Us and make an appointment at your convenience.