Regain Your Self-Sufficiency

Give yourself the support for any orthopedic ailment through orthotic braces that are customized for your needs. Our treatments range from bunions and back pain, to scoliosis and arthritis. Our goal is to relieve our patients of any orthopedic pain and restore their independence.

How Does An Orthopedic Brace Help Me?

Orthotics assist you through injuries, or ailments that affect your body movement, and help you regain proper functionality by providing a support your limbs and your spine so that you may build your strength. They protect weakened areas of your body to help you quickly heal from your joint or muscle injuries, and build your strength. Orthotic braces are often used to treat musculoskeletal disorders such as spinal injuries, neck injuries or any congenital defects.

Get to know about our procedure:

Learn About Us Through a Consultation:better-doctors-appointments

Our Orthotists are always available to you for an introductory consultation about your condition and what services we can offer to help. Consultations do not require any purchase of a brace or orthotic.

Introductory consultations let you know about our entire process and our employees who will be working with you through the entire procedure. This stage is also where we determine what class of treatment you require whether it’s simply a postoperative for pain and recovery management or whether you require a long term treatment of ongoing ailments. Our aim is to understand your requirements fully and to make each step of the process as easy to understand as possible.

Prepare for your Treatment with a Complete Evaluation:

In order to customize the perfect orthotic for you we would be doing a full analysis of your condition and your lifestyle. Our expert staff will be examining your medical history, the current state of your skin and muscles, motion and balance, and ambulation as well as your background, daily routine will give us insight into crafting the best treatment course for you.

Designing Your Orthotic Brace:

orthoticsAfter we examine your requirements we move onto designing an orthotic brace that fits all of your requirements and offers you maximum comfort. Your orthotic brace will be unique to you and is designed according to your body structure to ensure it fits the needs of your ailment.

The procedure requires us to take the necessary measurements or in some cases take a cast of the limb for a customized mold. We offer different services of casting such as plaster bandage, foam box impression, fiberglass bandage and slipper casting.

Your orthotist will use one of these methods to create a precise life size mold of your body part. Your cast will harden within a few minutes, after which it will be removed. The cast is used as a mold and is filled in with liquid plaster that will serve as the actual impression of your body part.

This casting process helps your orthotist position your limb with the correct alignment. Based on this process and the instructions provided by your supervising doctor, your required orthotic will be prepared.

Fitting In Your Orthotic Brace:

After your orthotic support is prepared, which will take up to 2-3 weeks, you will be called in for a fitting. Our orthotists are experienced and stay updated on the latest techniques. They will ensure that your brace fits you properly and comfortably, and will make you any required adjustments.  You will be provided with a full guideline to wearing your orthotic brace and given a list of precautionary instructions. You will also be given the time and date for any follow up appointments if necessary for any adjustments you may need over time.

Making Sure Your Orthotic is Right For You:

trying-on-foot-orthoticsMany cases do not require any further adjustments to the brace but if your orthotic is not comfortable or fitting improperly, then we strongly recommend you come in for a follow up appointment. This is usually scheduled after a two week waiting period to see if the brace has fit in properly or not. We provide our customers with a 90 day warranty (starting from dispense date) for all of our custom made orthotics.

Scheduling a Follow Up Appointment:

Our priority is to provide maximum comfort to our patients and to give them the most optimal treatment. If you have any concerns or queries regarding your orthotic or brace, or would like to have it checked, or if you require some repair work done on your old orthotic, then schedule an appointment with our available orthotists.

If your orthotic proves uncomfortable in any way or if you are having trouble adjusting to the brace then we encourage you to contact us for a follow up appointment. Your comfort is our top priority.